About the Society

Executive Committee 2015

2015 Executive Committee: Robert E. Waters (seated), Craig Lacy, Margaret Schreck, James Hancock

In the fall of 2004, an idea was born which seems destined to provide pride in the historic heritage of Medina, NY and a springboard for worthy civic projects—building on this heritage.

Robert E. Waters, a one-time head of the Medina Armory Action Committee, formed in 1978 to put an abandoned National Guard armory to appropriate public use, realized that the handsome and historic Medina armory was in need of exterior care after a century of use. The Orleans County YMCA (formed around 1980) is currently the occupant and title-holder of the building and it has been a substantial success in giving its program to the public. The “Y” can basically see to interior care of the large castellated structure, but exterior maintenance is on-going and challenging. The Sandstone Society has taken some of this responsibility on its shoulders to support the “Y”. (Funds for this work are a year-to-year challenge.)

Mr. Waters immediately called upon Charles W. Slack, another former chairman of the Armory Action Committee and they brought together about a dozen remaining members of that committee who still have enthusiasm for the beauty of the armory and its history. Thus came into existence THE MEDINA SANDSTONE SOCIETY. It was well received and has taken a major role among civic organizations in Medina.

Regular bi-monthly meetings are held by this Sandstone Society board consisting of:

Board of Directors 2015

2015 Board of Directors: (seated) Lynne Menz, Mary Zangerle; (standing, l-r): Don Calquhoun, Jacob Hebdon, Tim Moriarity & David Miller.

2021 Board Members

      • David C. Miller, President
      • James Hancock, VP
      • Craig C. Lacy, Treasurer
      • Margaret J. Schreck, Secretary
      • Gabrielle Barone
      • Donald Colquhoun
      • Susan L. Holland
      • Rob Klino
      • Tom Rivers
      • Scott Robinson
      • David C. Schubel
      • Craig Tuohey
      • Barbara Waters
      • Mary G. Zangerle
      • Founder and Director Emeritus: Robert E. Waters

             See list including past directors

      Sandstone Trust Grant Committee
      This group represents a wide cross-section of community life and currently includes Kelly Kiebala, Mark Kruzynski, Cindy Robinson, Cal Tuohey and committee chair Mike Zelazny.  These busy and involved people are active in many hometown affairs.

      We welcome you to visit our Accomplishments page to view the many activities and projects that the Medina Sandstone Society has been involved with, as well as our photo gallery.

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