Medina Sandstone in the news

Interest in the history of sandstone quarries and quarry workers in Orleans County and the spectacular structures that have been built of this stone is increasing all the time.

We’re very fortunate to have two key local individuals who research and publish new information at regular intervals.  The first is Matt Ballard, Orleans County historian and the second is Tom Rivers at the OrleansHub online newspaper.

Matt recently published two articles in the OrleansHub and the Batavia Daily News that he is allowing us to include here.
1. Growth of Sandstone Industry Driven by Immigrants    link > 4-38 Sandstone 9-22-18
2. Growth of Sandstone Industry Was a Contribution of Rev. Edward Fancher   link > 2-47 FancherEdward 11-19-16

Tom Rivers regularly reports on sandstone buildings that he sees in his travels around the region. He has made us aware of structures in Jamestown, Dunkirk, Olean and many in the Buffalo and Rochester areas and in between.

On the OrleansHub website under Special Sections / Sandstone Heritage there are many articles over a number of pages (note the <Older Posts at the bottom of each page).

Here’s a link to that section

We’ll try to include such articles in future posts in case you miss them in the newspapers.

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