Museum of Medina Sandstone-old

UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  We are in the process of expanding the resource material available in our Sandstone Hall of Fame that’s located in City Hall, 600 Main Street, Medina, NY.

In addition to the current display of beautiful plaques* featuring sandstone buildings, the HOF will soon include a more complete overview of Medina Sandstone history and its ongoing legacy of beautiful buildings.

We hope to have interactive display technology in place in 2023, but until then you can access more information at the links below.

The Story of Medina Sandstone  PDF

History of Medina Sandstone” a YouTube video featuring historian Bill Lattin

For an overview “Medina – The Stone Everlasting” slideshow ⇒ click here
Same overview as PDF ⇒ click here

For a database of buildings ⇒ click here

Wikipedia page ⇒ click here

Maps and other resources ⇒ click here

* HOF plaques created by Takeform, a signage design & architectural graphics firm, in Medina

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