2024 Buffalo Bus Tour

The 2024 Sandstone Society Hall of Fame Tour took place on May 9.  It began with introductions at Medina City Hall, home of the collection of Hall of Fame awardees. Medina Mayor Marguerite Sherman and Society directors greeted 30 tour guests as Jim Hancock, a founding Sandstone director, spoke about the Society’s objectives and the selection process involved in nominating a Medina sandstone structure for Hall of Fame consideration.

The group of 30 tour members journeyed by motor bus to the prominent Richardson Hotel in Buffalo, a National Historic Landmark. The “castle inspired” reddish sandstone was quarried in Hulberton and the hotel’s impressive setting is today a breathtaking center point of restoration offering a glimpse of a hospitality and cultural landmark. Participants were offered the choice of 2 docent-led tour venues highlighting architecture, the history of grounds, areas under development as well as prominent, renovated areas of the hotel and restaurant complex.

Following lunch the group traveled by bus and drove by several notable Medina sandstone structures including Annunciation Church, the Lafayette Lofts, the former Nativity Catholic Church and onto the iconic St. Louis Church where the group disembarked and was introduced to the imposing 2000 seat church completed in 1889. The experience highlighted a collection of religious artifacts, granite altars and mosaics securely housed in Medina sandstone. St. Louis features a “245 foot octagonal Medina sandstone steeple” which is the tallest open work spire ever built in the United States.” (information from St. Louis website).

A special thank you to our loyal stonecutters and attendees, several who joined us on past tours. The Medina Sandstone Society looks forward to planning and hosting future excursions, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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