Medina Sandstone Architects

As of October 2022, we’ve identified 76 architects responsible for designing or supervising the construction of Medina Sandstone buildings.

This page lists those with three or more buildings and provides links to more detail about the person and the buildings.  (this later detail coming in the near future)

Andrew Jackson Warner – 10 buildings

First Presbyterian Church     Albion. NY
Downs Hotel/Hotel Holley     Holley, NY
Prendergast Library     Jamestown, NY
Christ Episcopal Church     Pittsford, NY
St. Bernard’s Seminary     Rochester, NY
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery     Rochester, NY
Charles Bissell House     Rochester, NY
First Presbyterian Church     Rochester, NY
former St. John the Evangelist Church     Rochester, NY

Green & Wicks or E.B. Green – 5 buildings

Ascension Episcopal Church parish house     Buffalo, NY
First Presbyterian Church     Buffalo, NY
Forest Lawn Crematory     Buffalo, NY
William Sydney Wicks House     Buffalo, NY
Watson-Curtze Mansion     Erie, PA

Addison Forbes – 4 buildings

Hillside Cemetery Chapel     Clarendon, NY
First Baptist Church     Holley, NY
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church     Holley, NY
St. John’s Episcopal Church     Medina, NY

Albert A. Post – 4 buildings

Annunciation R.C. Church     Buffalo, NY
former Nativity BVM Catholic Church     Buffalo, NY
Blessed Sacrament RC Church (Front facade only)     Buffalo, NY
St. Mary’s Catholic Church (Holy Trinity Parish)     Medina, NY

Robert W. Gibson – 3 buildings

St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral     Buffalo, NY (with Richard Upjohn)
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church     Olean, NY
Christ Church (Episcopal)     Rochester, NY

Cyrus Kinne Porter – 3 buildings

Bryant Parish Condominiums     Buffalo, NY
Eberhardt Mansion     Buffalo, NY
St. Patrick’s Friary     Buffalo, NY

Richard Upjohn – 3 buildings

St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral     Buffalo, NY
Thomas Crane Monument     Buffalo, NY
St. Peter’s Episcopal     Geneva, NY

The above listing doesn’t include prolific “builders” who were not professional architects.

Notable in the builder group are:

Pasquale DiLaura
St. Joseph’s Cemetery Chapel     Albion, NY
World War II Memorial     Fancher, NY
Lake Ontario State Parkway Overpasses and Culverts     Hamlin, NY

William Jackson
10923 W Center St.     Medina, NY
3669 Fruit Ave.    Medina, NY
11986 Telegraph Rd.     Medina, NY
10598 Ridge Rd.     Medina, NY
3531 Fruit Ave.    Medina, NY

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